M Literary Residency in China - 2017-2018

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016


Applications for the 2017-2018 cycle will open on October 10th and will close on January 2nd, 2017. TO APPLY, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

The winners will be announced on March 10th, 2017 during the Shanghai International Literary Festival, which will take place from March 10-22, 2017.

Please also note that the residency will move from India to China, with one spot in Shanghai and one spot in Beijing. We will no longer be accepting applications to Sangam House in India. 


Information will also be available on our WeChat at monthebundsh or scan our WeChat QR code (below).     

The M Literary Residency, established in 2009, is fully funded by M Restaurants and grew from M's Shanghai and Beijing Literary Festivals. Its mandate was to disseminate a broader knowledge of contemporary life and writing in India and China today and to foster deeper intellectual, cultural and artistic links across individuals and communities.

If you're interested in the Sangham House Residency in Bangalore, India, please click here

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For 6-8 weeks in 2017, two writers, one in Shanghai and the other in Beijing, will have the opportunity to write undisturbed in the heart of these two bustling cities. The residency is open to writers of prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction and screenwriting.

All submissions are due by January 2, 2017 GMT midnight and must be in English or include an English translation. 

The M Residency allows writers with an interest in China to deepen their understanding of this vital and fascinating place. Established in 2009 and fully funded by the M Restaurant Group, the M Literary Residency has its roots in M's Shanghai and Beijing Literary Festivals, and aims to foster artistic, cultural and intellectual links between individuals and communities. From 2009 to 2016 the Residency included one resident in Shanghai and one in India. Starting in 2017, there will be one resident based in Shanghai and one in Beijing.

Past winners have included Madeleine Thien, whose latest book Do Not Say We Have Nothing was recently shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, Tash Aw, whose novel Five Star Billionaire was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2013 and is currently being adapted to film in Shanghai and Rachel DeWoskin, whose fourth book, Blind, was published last summer.

2016 M Literary Residency Details:

We are pleased to announce that Meng Jin and Maxim Loskutoff have been selected for M's 2016 Residency Programme!About the M Literary Residency: 

M Literary Residency Recipients 2016-2017

India: Maxim Loskutoff

Shanghai: Meng Jin

Maxim Loskutoff was raised in western Montana. His stories have appeared in The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, and Narrative. A graduate of NYU’s MFA program, he was the recipient of a Global Writing Fellowship in Abu Dhabi. Other honors include The Chicago Tribune’s Nelson Algren Award, the Bevel Summers Prize, and fellowships from Writers Omi at Ledig House, Ox-Bow, and Jentel Arts. He has worked as a carpenter, field organizer, bookseller, and creative writing teacher, among many other things.

Meng Jin was born in Shanghai and lives in New York. She has a BA from Harvard and an MFA from Hunter College. A Kundiman fellow, her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in the Masters Review, the Baltimore Review, Zymbol, and Ploughshares.

"I am so incredibly thankful to the M Residency for this chance to return to the city where I was born and reclaim it as a literary home. I can't wait to get lost in winding alleys, be astounded by how Shanghai has changed, and eat shengjian at the Shanghai Number 1 Food Store."

To read the press release, click here.

To read about Maxim Loskutoff's project, click here. To read about Meng Jin's project, click here


M Literary Residents Talk About Their Residency Experience

We asked our previous M Literary Residents to tell us about their Residency experiences, and how the Residencies benefited their writing. If you're considering applying for an upcoming Residency, be sure to read the testimonials below:

Tash Aw, Shanghai 2010. 

"What I found in Shanghai was a glorious inversion of the luxuries offered by other residencies .... I lived alone in the middle of a city of twenty million people, looked out at skyscrapers and listened to the noise of traffic all day. And I wrote more than I had ever written, at home or on a residency." 

To read Tash's full testimonial, click here. 

Colie Hoffman, India, 2010.

"Having so much unencumbered time to create allowed me to focus on the work itself ... so while I finished fewer poems than I had hoped, they were better ones." 

Francesca Marciano, India 2011.

"I feel that my work has been affected by the very unique atmosphere one breathes at Sangham. I realised, as the days went by, that every day my writing gained speed and fluency. Not just that, I also felt that more ideas, insights and epiphanies were coming at me, sprouting like flowers at unexpected moments. I think I reached a level of clarity and peacefulness that allowed me to work without anxiety, self-censorship, and with a sense of brightness that really helped me move forward."

For Francesca's full testimonial, click here

Rachel DeWoskin, Shanghai 2011.

"The residency gave me  time, language, space and the resources to do exactly the research I needed. I was wildly inspired during my months in Shanghai. That summer was the most generous and intellectually open opportunity I could possibly have had..."

For Rachel's full testimonial, click here. 

Karen Jennings, India 2012.

"My three months of writing at Sangam House have been the best three months of my entire life. The surroundings are so idyllic that it is possible to forget that anything exists outside ... Most significantly though, the three months gave me the opportunity to complete a first draft of a manuscript."

To read Karen's full testimonial, click here.

Madeleine Thien, Shanghai 2013.

"My time [in Shanghai] had an intensity, immediacy and solitude almost unmatched in my entire life. This solitude and freedom were a tremendous gift to the novel and to my imaginative life. I rarely use the term life-changing, but these three months were life-changing for me." 

To read Madeleine's full testimonial, click here.

Glenn Diaz, India 2013.

"The most priceless gift of the fellowship is the education that could only come from being in a place, by forming a community with people who share a deep understanding of what it means to love a thing fiercely, be it writing or art or people or country."

To read Glenn's full testimonial, click here.

Liam Pieper, India 2014.

"The ebb and flow of each day reshaped itself around the work of writing; thought, typing, redrafting, brooding, with no solace to be found from one’s own mind and the imperative to write. I wrote and wrote and wrote, twice as well as I usually manage, eight times as much."

To read Liam's full testimonial, click here

Jeet Thayil, Shanghai 2014 - to come

Eleanor Goodman, Shanghai 2015.

"What any writer needs most is time and space, a place where all of the daily distractions, responsibilities, and excuses are absent. A place where all one faces is the blank page or empty computer screen, day after day. The M residency gives writers exactly that. It is an ideal perch from which to explore Shanghai, one of the largest and most interesting cities in the world, but also the perfect place to get lost in one’s work."

To read Eleanor's full testimonial, click here.

Giles Hazelgrove, India 2015.

"I have been at Sangam House for just over two weeks. I have a simple, neat room, with a polished stone floor, a desk in the same material and a bathroom with a big brass tap and a big brass bucket. I have a view of red, Indian soil, yellow iris and the magnificent Nrityagram amphitheatre. I am fed, deliciously. All day, every day, I write and I write. I have no reason, no excuse not to.  And every evening, I have the fascinating, diverse company of my tribe; novelists and poets from around the world. The M Literary Residency is a wonderful, generous gift. It could be yours too. Do it now. Apply!"

The M Literary Residency

Click here to read Calling for Writers in Residence, about the M Literary Residency (Shanghai Daily).

Listen: Interview with Michelle Garnaut on the M Literary Residency

To listen to an interview with Michelle Garnaut, CEO of M Restaurant Group, discussing the M Literary Residency and the M Restaurants on Hong Kong's local radio station RTHK 3, click here.

Shanghai International Literary Festival


Tickets: RMB 75, includes a drink

Children / Student Tickets: RMB 35, includes a soft drink

Literary Lunches: RMB 120, includes lunch box & Tea or Coffee

Lunch Box: RMB 70

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