Last Sunday we had our second quarterly Chamber Music concert at Glam. It was a tremendous performance by the Song Quartet who played Haydn’s String Quartet in G Minor and Mendelssohn’s String Quartet in F Minor Op.80. 

A fabulous and impressive performance by this young quartet, we wish them all success for their futures!

Our next chamber music performance will take place in September, please keep up to date on our website. Chamber Music at M is entirely not-for-profit, if you or anyone you know would like to support us, please reach out to us by clicking here.

June 25, Crystal Chamber Music at Glam

About M’s Crystal Chamber Music

In April 2009, a small group met at M on the Bund to discuss ways of promoting chamber music in Shanghai. Thanks to the enthusiasm, support and collaboration of the two key members of this group – the Atelier of Chamber Music of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and M on the Bund – the Shanghai Chamber Music Lovers (SCML) came into being. Since that time, the SCML has presented not only non-profit quarterly chamber music performances at M on the Bund but also a biennial Chamber Music Competition and Festival.

The quarterly concerts, frequently featuring pieces that had never before been performed in China, have taken place without a break since 2009. Groups such as Simply Quartet, Ensemble Les Amis and MBQ String Quartet have dazzled audiences with their youthful energy, technical adroitness and intense feeling. Many players have gone on to study at academies abroad, and although this has caused some ensembles to break up, their ranks have happily been filled with new talent – talent that the Atelier of Chamber Music is continually and tirelessly nurturing.