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Stella Stars

Join Charlotte Wood, Alexis Wright, and Fiona Wright in an event that begins with Australia’s Stella Prize, the country’s most prestigious award for writing by Australian Women in any genre. Our three guests, possessed of very disparate literary voices, are all winners or nominees of the prize. In tonight’s event, they discuss the ways in which they have given voice to the voiceless: Alexis Wright, who in her numerous works of fiction and non-fiction has struggled to make foreground the Aboriginal point of view; Fiona Wright, whose essays on eating disorders are both intensely personal, and conducive to public discussion of an oft-neglected issue; and Charlotte Wood, whose most recent novel The Natural Way of Things is an explosive parable about the creeping threats of corporatism and misogyny. The three authors discuss their individual projects, and the reception of their works within Australian society.

Moderated by Eleanor Goodman.

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LIT LUNCH Stella Stars March 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM ¥ 180.00 CNY

These authors are presented as part of the Australian Writers Week 2018, supported by the Australian Embassy, Beijing and the Australian Copyright Agency limited.

Charlotte Wood

The Australian newspaper has described Charlotte Wood as “one of our most original and provocative writers.” She is the author of five novels, often touching on the subjects of love, friendship, and urban life. She’s also a prominent voice online and in the media, which has led to two non-fiction collections: one of essays on cooking and food, titled Love and Hunger, and another of essays and interviews on the subject of writing. Her latest novel, The Natural Way of Things, is a thrilling political allegory that won the 2016 Stella Prize, the 2016 Indie Book of the Year and Novel of the Year, and was joint winner of the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction. In 2016 Charlotte was named the Charles Perkins Centre’s inaugural Writer in Residence at the University of Sydney.


夏洛特·伍德被《澳大利亚人报》称为澳大利亚最具独创性、最具争议的作家之一。她出版有五部小说,作品多讲述爱、友谊与城市生活的故事。她也活跃在网络平台和各类媒体,通过写作发声,这些媒体文章分别收入两本文集;其中《爱与饥饿》(Love and Hunger)收录了以美食为主题的文章,另一本集子则收录了谈论写作的文章及采访。伍德的最新小说《她们的原貌》(The Natural Way of Things)是一部扣人心弦的政治讽喻小说,斩获2016年斯特拉奖、2016年年度独立图书称号、2016年年度小说称号,以及总理文学奖。2016年,夏洛特受邀成为悉尼大学查尔斯·博金斯中心首位驻校作家。

Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright is a member of the Waanyi nation of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and her great-grandfather was from Canton. She is an author of fiction and non-fiction, and has written widely on indigenous rights. She is one of the most important Australian voices speaking on the subject of land and belonging, about storytelling and identity, and about the Aboriginal relationship with the rest of Australian society.

Recent publications include the collective memoir Tracker (November 2017), about Aboriginal leader and political thinker Tracker Tilmouth, which has been shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Non-Fiction Literary Award; the essay “What Happens When You Tell Somebody Else’s Story” (2016) which was awarded the Hilary McPhee Award 2016; The Swan Book (2013), a phantasmagorical allegory set in a future ravaged by war and climate change, which was awarded the Australian Literature Society Gold Medal in 2014; and Carpentaria (2006), which was awarded the 2007 Miles Franklin Award.

She is the Boisbouvier Chair in Australian Literature at the University of Melbourne.



赖特近期出版的书籍与发表的作品有:集体回忆录《特拉克》(Tracker2017),作品通过多人的讲述,回忆了原住民领袖、思想家特拉克·迪尔莫斯的一生,该书入选维多利亚州总理奖非虚构文学奖短名单;议论性散文《当你讲述别人的故事时会发生什么》(What Happens When You Tell Somebody Else’s Story2016)获2016年希拉里·麦克菲奖;长篇小说《天鹅》(The Swan Books2013),一个幻影式的讽喻,描绘了一个被战争与气候变化肆虐的未来世界,2014年获澳大利亚文学协会金奖;长篇小说《卡彭塔利亚湾》(Carpentaria 2006)获2007年迈尔斯·弗兰克林奖。


Fiona Wright

Fiona Wright is an author, poet, editor and critic from Sydney. Her book of essays Small Acts of Disappearance won the 2016 Kibble Award and the Queensland Literary Award for non-fiction. In it she explores the question of hunger generally, and the realities of eating disorders specifically. Along the way she touches on travel, family, and literary history. Her poetry collections are Knuckled, which won the 2012 Dame Mary Gilmore Award, and Domestic Interior (Giramondo, 2017), and her new essay collection is forthcoming from Giramondo this year. An intensely personal writer, Wright nevertheless produces work that is tied deeply to literature and society.


菲奥娜·赖特来自澳大利亚悉尼,是一位作家、诗人、编辑、评论家。她的散文集《小小的消失》(Small Acts of Disappearance)获2016年奇波文学奖、昆士兰文学奖。在这本作品中,她探索了关于饥饿与食物的话题,并延伸至现实生活中进食障碍的个人经历;除此之外,她还谈到旅行、家庭和文学史。出版有诗集《揉揉眼睛》(Knuckled)和《家居与室内》(Domestic Interior),前者获2012年戴姆·玛丽·吉尔摩奖。最新散文集今年将由吉拉蒙德出版社出版。菲奥娜·赖特的写作极其个人化,但她的作品却也与文学、社会深刻相连。

Moderator: Eleanor Goodman

Eleanor Goodman’s translation of Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (Zephyr Press, 2014) was the winner of the 2015 Lucien Stryk Prize and the recipient of a 2013 PEN/Heim Translation Grant. The book was shortlisted for the International Griffin Prize. She is also the translator of the anthology Iron Moon: Chinese Worker Poetry (White Pine Press, 2017), The Roots of Wisdom: Poems by Zang Di (Zephyr Press, 2017), and Days When I Hide My Corpse in a Cardboard Box: Poems of Natalia Chan (forthcoming, Zephyr Press, 2018). Her first collection of poetry, Nine Dragon Island (Enclave/Zephyr, 2016), was a finalist for the Drunken Boat First Book Prize. She is a Research Associate at the Harvard University Fairbank Center.