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Education Panel: Where’s the Chinese Steve Jobs?

China’s massive labour force made the country an export powerhouse, but the world’s sweatshop is now looking to become a global innovation engine. By trying to unleash its people’s creativity, China isn’t just thinking “jobs” — it’s thinking “Steve Jobs,” as in creating products and services that define the times. But, can China innovate? Can China cultivate a creative class? Ground zero for this question is China’s school system. In this panel, we’ll discuss the promise as well as the limitations of China’s push to reform its education system. Jiang Xueqin and Rosaline May Lee will discuss. Moderated by Lenora Chu.

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Jiang Xueqin

Jiang Xueqin is a researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Global Education Innovation Initiative, a curriculum reform expert to the Chengdu Qingyang school district, and author of Creative China. He is working on a new book on how gamification can help transform the Chinese school system.

Lenora Chu

Lenora Chu is a Chinese American journalist and author of the upcoming book Little Soldiers, which examines the Chinese education system through the journey of her son and several students inside Shanghai schools. It will be published by HarperCollins in late 2017. A resident of Shanghai since 2010, Lenora taught at a public kindergarten for two years, and holds degrees from Stanford University and Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Rosaline May Lee

Rosaline May Lee has held a variety of senior positions as an executive on Wall Street, as an entrepreneur and as a leader and innovator in the higher-education sector. In addition to advising corporations on innovation, she recently became an invited member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. May first came to China more than 30 years ago, returning seven years ago to spearhead NYU’s initiative in Shanghai. She is currently Dean at the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at ShanghaiTech University, another new university in Shanghai.