Charitable Ventures and Empowering Women

Educating Girls of Rural China

EGRC is dedicated to providing high school and university educations to impoverished young women from rural regions of Western China through financial sponsorship, personal support and mentorship.

The traditional belief for Chinese families is that having a son is vital. Some families will have six, seven or more children in the attempt to produce a son. The son would receive all the opportunities to advance himself. In contrast, daughters are expected to take care of their male siblings, marry early or take jobs to support their families.

In most people’s eyes China is a wealthy country today. But in rural regions, where EGRC works, people live in a different world. EGRC is selecting girls who are in most desperate situations but who are determined to change their lives through education.

EGRC has provided the gift of education to 695 girls from the poorest regions of rural China.
The girls have achieved a 100% graduation rate.

The Renewal Center

People come to Renewal with complex problems. Some have addictions. Others have lost touch with family or been in trouble with the law. Some have spent many years without stability, have lost confidence and are unable to find a job, a permanent home, or in some cases even to stay clean and eat well.

Your support helps us work with each person as an individual, through four important stages…Essential Services, Life Skills Workshops, Work Experience and Employment & Support