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Mentor Walks

We are delighted to share the news that the Mentor Walks have been established in Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Wagga Wagga (of all places!).

What’s the first step in founding an NGO? What should you know before setting up a business in China? How do you get your artwork into a gallery? Whether you’re someone with a million questions or someone who has a few of the answers, Mentor Walks is the place for you. Here, on Friday mornings in Beijing and Shanghai, women who’ve learned a thing or two about working and thriving in China lend a hand to their up-and-coming counterparts, while taking a walk in the park.

"The programme brings together established and emerging women leaders in our community for a morning walk to discuss professional and personal successes, challenges and aspirations. "

Mentor Walks

Begun in 2015 by Michelle Garnaut, the International Professional Women’s Society (IPWS), and the Shanghai British, American, and Australian Chambers of Commerce, the Mentor Walks program brings together women from all backgrounds and experiences. Every month, groups of 3-5 mentees—young professional women who have begun to make their mark—walk with a mentor who shares their interests, whether in finance, the arts, foreign affairs, international development, law, architecture, hospitality or any number of other fields. It’s an invaluable chance to get advice, perspective and honest feedback from a seasoned professional.

The schedule for Mentor Walks can be seen below. Bring questions. Bring your experience. And join in the community.

Beijing Schedule 2018

  • March 10 - Australian Embassy
  • April 13 - Ritan Park
  • May 11 - Ritan Park
  • June 8 - Ritan Park
  • July 13 - Ritan Park
  • August 10 - Ritan Park
  • September 14 - Ritan Park
  • October 19 - Ritan Park
  • November 17 - TBA
Register for the July 2018 Beijing walk here

Shanghai Schedule 2018

  • March 10 - M on the Bund
  • April 13 - Jingan Park
  • May 11 - Jingan Park
  • June 8 - Jingan Park
  • July 13 - Jingan Park
  • August 10 - Jingan Park
  • September 14 - Jingan Park
  • October 19 - Jingan Park
  • November 17 - M on the Bund
Register for the July 2018 Shanghai walk here